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The experiencie of our everyday life is not only the result of our concrete life but also of the interrelationship with existing abstract data that refers it. The experience, modelled and tabulated, is redrawn up foreign in his abstraction but , however, this data frameworks and overlaps itself inside and from experience. From objective data, we verify our own continuous experience and represent ourselves in a double input/output flow respect them.

nUMB is a web application that manages and visualizes the data obtained from psicometric evaluation tests in his users. This tests have been designed in order to objectify both the presence of psychical disturbances and the therapeutical response to his treatment, acting like microsystems of representation, dynamics and marked out, moving between the affective identification with user and the effective functionality for the test administrator.

Articulating itself from the information-score stored in a database -and that would denote the possible presence of psychoaffective disturbances in the users-, nUMB returns a fixed and diferential field of experiencie as an interpretative answer, inverse and transverse to the objective representational condition of the obtained data.