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- Design a prototype of possible artObject/artWork, from the local context to a global expansion one.
- The proposed artwork should be dinamic, implicitly virtual (as it's exist in its diagram) and developed from the articulation of precarious elements and operations inside the paradigm bringed up with the use of new technologies.
- The inequality between the local ant the global contexts, is attempted to be resolved by a technical/conceptual frame that brings benefits and profit in similar termas that an economic/financial transaction.

- Technologization it's a process whose our societies have been lately integrating in, respect technology producers societies.
- On a par with the digital technologies develope and its overturning to the market, local context have been putted in the same level respect the technological objects can be accessed to; the local market opens up to the global market.
- In this way, the local environment pressents a diverse technological scene (as the modernization of the structres is gradual, late, later and not congruent) where highly technologized objects/systems are overlapped to a precarious system. This technological hybridation produces perturbances and inefficiency, becoming all in loss.
- In this context, the access to the technological object plays as a social representation medium, and technologization, as a process, is taked on as an integration strategy of the local environment in the global context.
- Following a similar logic, as regards the acritical (and sudden) access to new technologies, the local artistic production has approached to them almost exclusively as a shifting of the artwork support, many times without a thorough exploration of the languages, from the modification/intervention of the preexistent devices to the construction of owns distribution devices/supports.

- helloWorld: consists in the web distribution of the present proyect, an instruction manual to construct remotely the proposed device, and the prototype register, presented as a factibility test.
- The device proposed for helloWorld: is composed of two televisions, a video camera and an ATARI800XL microcomputer (also a tripod and the necessary wires).
- One of the TV monitors is connected to the video camera, placed in front of it and framing the surface of the screen, causing an audio feedback and an image put-in-abyss, "closing" the closed-circuit television in its zero degree.
- The other monitor is connected to the microcomputer that runs a simple BASIC program, based in the classic "hello world", frequently used in programming manuals as an example to allow the user verify the output of the execution of the program and, in that way, underwrite an effective communication/codification between programer and programming language.

10 ? "HELLO WORLD:",
20 GOTO 10

- Then, the program aims the display of patterns formed by the expression "HELLO WORLD:", and in its adaptation will implement the playback of audio patterns, as well as the display's alteration/interferece by the user interaction.